Completed DP-100 Certification

19th February 2022 - AI, azureml

Feb 2022

It was a curious exam, with a lot more AzureML SDK questions than some of the guides covered. I have to say the DP-100 course on ACloudGuru was good for the basics, but did not go into enough details on python or the SDK. But it makes up for it with the playgrounds, which were a great resource to play about with the Azure ML and Azure AutoML. However, it didn’t cover Databricks at all, nor allowed access to Kubernetes inference or Databricks.

For exam prep, Whizz labs proved itself as a good represenation of the content of the final exam and a great resource.

I was thrown into an abyss of terror having watched one of the breakout presentation from Ignite last year, where the speaker opined the lack of mathematicians in Data Science and stressed that anyone who didn’t have a solid understanding of SCALA, R and Apache Spark will fail. He was way beyond reality and reminded me of a lot of Mathematicians and Computer Scientists which I have met in my career who’d gleefully put you down because you couldn’t rattle off various historical minutae of the industry. Ho hum, thats folk I suppose..

Pluralsight was fairly useless, yet again, as a source of relevant and recent information, and seeing as they just bought ACloudGuru, I’m not sure whether its a good or a bad thing.

In terms of books, I bought a large DP-100 book, mainly to scribble in, which on reflection covered about as much as ACloudGuru, and didn’t go into that much detail. But was useful to track some areas, and was pretty much a print out of Microsoft documentation from 18 months ago.

Microsoft needs a special mention for the quality of the documentation and resources, with several DP-100 notebooks readily available, and their Youtube content, specifically the AI show and Dr G. Introducing concepts and new features with passion and humour.

Overall, the exam turned out as a blessing in disguise, covering a few aspects of Azure and modern software development which none of the training material mentioned. Luckily, I have been in Internet Development for almost 30 years, so concepts like GIT, Tokenised Authorisation, Azure Active Directory and Role Based Authorisation were already in my wheel house.

If you’re taking the DP-100 bear in mind that this is a very very fast moving certification, so Microsofts documentation has to be front and center. Learning Python is a must, as is having an Azure Pay as You Go account. I use AcloudGurus playground as when I did my AZ-900, I was playing with compute on my own account and ended up with a surprise £500 bill after not shutting things down correctly (oh the irony).

Here are some useful links: (jupyter) (jupyter)

Learn with Dr G.

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