All the HttpClients (ish)
Http clients are the basis for web development, here is a compilation of web clients
C# Semaphore Cheat Sheet
Here is a semaphore in action, used to throttle calls to a httpclient.
C# Synchronisation Cheat Sheet
The many forms of thread synchronisation with basic examples showing reset events, mutex and semaphore (semafore).
AZ-204 Completed
Just completed this one, and there was a lot more devops in there, showing where microsoft is going strategically. This covered Implementing cloud [...]
AZ-900 Certificate Completed
A bit late this one, as it was last year! I completed the Azure Fundamentals certification, just so I have it in official Microsoft format that I know a [...]
Pandas module not found when running dp-100 notebooks
A little annoying, but posted here as nobody else had posted.. If you’re revising for the DP-100 certification and your using the microsoft DP100 [...]
Microsoft Authenticator – Request failed problem
When using the Microsoft Authenticator, sometimes the number flashes up and then the request automatically fails. Click use password instead.Click forgot [...]
Video upscaling using Machine Learning on Windows (FFMPEG, TOPAZ, VLC, Dandere, Waifu, etc)
Using Topaz Gigapixel AI alongside ffmpeg to upscale old TV footage and camcorder footage to 720p
Oculus Quest 2
Executive Summary Have your WIFI details to hand Put on Oculus Quest 2 headset immediately Install mobile app Connect mobile app to headset Disable USB [...]
React Native, JDK 13, Grade and Jettifier
Dateline: 2020-01-18 If you have attempted to start a project from the facebook dev site for react native ( [...]