Resume for Neil Highley 

Neil Highley 
.Net professional (C# certified, AZ-900 certified, DP-100 Certified), C#, ASP.Net, .net core, Database, Internet developer, Service Engineer,  Fullstack Javascript development, Agile Methodologies, Azure DevOps 

Certification Microsoft Certified: .Net Framework 4/5, Web Applications (C#), AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals, DP-100 Data Scientist Associate, AZ-204 Azure Developer Associate
Mobile Apps React PWA, React-native apps, Swift, Java, UWP, Alexa.  
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Job TitleC# Industrial Engineer/Automation Engineer LAM Research, Bristol, January 2020-November 2022

Joined multinational semi-conductor equipment manufacturer to maintain and expand semiconductor metrology equipment using C#. Practiced SEMI standard implementation and automation, GEM, Brooks robotics, Brooks Carrier equipment. Used Git and Azure Devops for development and CI/CD. Used Python for hardware test automation and reporting.

C# / Python / Javascript / SQL / SEMI / GEM / Electronics / Manufacturing / Azure Devops / GIT / TFS / Hyper-V / Visual Studio 2019 / Visual Studio Code / Resharper / Windows Server
Job Title C# Software engineer SalonGENIUS, Bournemouth, May 2018-Nov 2019 

Joined multinational retail organisation to migrate systems to modern software technology and software development pipelines. Technical lead on Future Software development implementing DevExpress components as a standard set for all tooling to aid in onboarding and reducing maintenance complexity. Migrated source control systems from internal TFS to external Azure DevOps. Implemented Automated testing and delivery to key projects. Created translation tool utilising Microsoft Cognitive Framework. Implemented .Net Standard C# for several COM interop projects to facilitate migration from legacy VB6 systems. Worked with Verifone and SagePay and LayBuy to implement updated PDQ EPOS systems for bricks and mortar retail units using REST API. Created installers using Visual Studio Setup Deployments and Wix Created Sharepoint based Knowledge Management instruments and tooling to aid in documenting common tasks and software development policy. Introduced Test Driven Design concepts and mentored the team on writing tests using Xunit and MS.Test for new, and existing, code bases, as well as ensuring new code is written to facilitate easier testing and maintenance. Technical lead and Agile SCRUM advocate, managed release and development pipeline for internal software projects with Azure Devops 

WPF / Azure / C# / SQL / DevOps / TFS / Sharepoint / VB6 / Hyper V / DevExpress / XUnit / MS.Test / Visual Studio 2008-2019 / VS Code  
Job Title C# Industrial Software Engineer ASM Systems, Weymouth. February 2016 – April 2018 

Joined large, global, multi-scrum, Agile team working on service and desktop software with C# industrial robotics for an industry leading SMT manufacturer.  Followed bug sprints on JIRA and new projects cross team, mentoring existing team members to incorporate full TDD development with high hit-rate coverage and automated testing. Software involved parallel process management and hardware interfaces with a WinForms 2 User Interface and XAML tools for testing with an Automation layer for line control software based on SOAP WCF. Created tooling in XAML and ReactJS to allow Testing team to create scenarios for testing and help debug and test systems. 

ASP.NET 4 / 4.5 / C# / WPF / LINQ / jQuery / Javascript / HTML / REST / WCF / XML / XSL / Visual Studio 2013 / 2015 / VSCode / Resharper / dotCover / dotTrace / Codemaid / JIRA / MSSQL 2008 r2 / SQL / IIS8 / Windows Server / TDD / Nunit / dotCover / Hardware / Baldor systems / Industrial Engineering 
Job Title C#,  Javascript, Azure Development TheTin, London. November 2015 – January 2016 

ASP.NET 4 / 4.5 / C# / LINQ / jQuery / Javascript / REST /  XML / Visual Studio 2053 / Resharper / SQL 2008 r2 / IIS8 / Windows Server / MSSQL /  CSS3 / HTML / TDD / KnockoutJS / Azure 
Job Title C#,  Windows Services, WCF, WebAPI, MSMQ,  Azure, MSSQL, Various Internet APIs REST, Javascript AIMedia Comms, London. February 2015 – November 2015 

Implemented Facebook, twitter integration and cloud based workflow into existing applications. Introduced a microservices architecture into several systems as part of cloud migration

ASP.NET 4 / 4.5 / C# / LINQ / jQuery / Javascript / REST /  XML /   Nunit / nHibernate /  Visual Studio 2013 / Resharper / SQL 2008 r2 / IIS8 / Windows Server / Windows Services / asynchronous development /  MSSQL / MSMQ / CSS3 / HTML / TDD / WCF / Services 
Job Title C#, WinForms, Windows Services, MSMQ, Oracle, MSSQL, Various Internet APIs Precise media, London. May 2014 – December 2014 

Helped update an integral data mining system with various social APIs. Utilized unit testing and SOLID principles and helping with integration of a branching, feature based, development structure. Windows Desktop development, utilising parallel programming, reporting and user interface design with WPF. Retrieved records from various APIs. Created a HTML5 Angular SPA. 

ASP.NET 4 / Winforms / C# / LINQ / jQuery / Javascript / REST / Facebook / Twitter  / Gorkana / Angular / XML / XSLT / WPF / Nunit / Ninject / Visual Studio 2010 / Resharper / SQL 2008 r2 / IIS7.5 / Windows Server / Windows Services / asynchronous development / Oracle / MSSQL / MSMQ / CSS3 / HTML / TDD / JIRA 
Job Title Asp.Net WCF developer (C#, WCF, 4, MVC, Subversion, Nunit, SOLR, Ninject) : SCIE, Maryleborne, London. December 2013 – March 2014 

“Looking back on what Neil has helped us achieve over the last couple of months, he has: Been a dedicated technical resource for SCO Developed, and launched, the email alert sending tool for SCO Made the SCO codebase much more modularised Fixed many new and existing SCO features (bugs) Provided handover instructions  I would like to publically thank Neil for his hard work, and dedication to the task.” 
Keith Spink, SCIE  

ASP.NET 4 / WCF / C# / VB.Net / LINQ / jQuery / XML / XHTML / MVC3/4 / XMLSpy / Nunit / Ninject / Visual Studio 2013 / Resharper / SQL 2008 r2 / IIS7.5 / SoapUI / / Windows Server / Windows Services 
Training .NET 4.0 Web Application Development  
AppFabric, jQuery, MVC2, routing, webforms, IIS7, SEO, Javascript, HTML, CSS, JSON, REST, jQuery, ASP.NET 
Training WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) .Net 4.0 
WCF, IIS7, AppFabric, Webservices, JSON, REST 

Earlier Experience available by request (1997-2014)  

Education 1994-1997 University of Sunderland 
Sunderland, UK BSc (Hons) Media Systems 2:1 Achieved Honors with a major paper on internet communication, VRML, Multimedia and End User experience and psychology of communication. 
Interests Internet Business, Film, Theatre, Computer Industry, Cycling 
Primary skills 
commercial experience > 6 months 
ASP (1-8, .net core), C#, Javascript, Typescript, SOLID, TDD, ReSharper, Unit Testing, WCF, XML MSMQ, Angular, React, IIS, MS SQL Server (all), TSQL, MS SQL DBA & Dev., MS Excel VBA(2000,97),MS ACCESS VBA (2000,97), Search Engine Optimisation, HTML, Knockout, Bootstrap, Facebook, AWS, Azure, AzureDevops, XHTML, CSS, Accessibility, Linux, SVN, Git,   
Secondary skills 
commercial experience 
Networking, BDD, Machine Learning, Functional Programming 

Personal Statements 


I am a solid Microsoft developer, and have made this a core foundation for my career and development. I have avoided a few pitfalls for utilising Microsoft’s extensive support for its developers.  This is not to say I am bound by any niche, and have had a second string, which I generally tie to competing but complimentary technologies in the Internet sphere. Whether it is Unity3D, NodeJS, PHP, or the many nuances of the industry which I have had the pleasure to work in. 

I have recently found hackathons and have participated in several in 2015 and 2016, where I created electronic hardware using Raspberry Pi, and Arduino, programmed apps on Android, Apple Swift and Windows phone, all of which are on their relative app stores. I have won an Several prizes having come second and first in several areas.  I find the concentrated atmosphere of the development and pitch help develop self-reflection and in natural work have introduced a very lean way at looking at work and development. 


I pride myself in constant change, which has recently been sated by my involvement in the Hackathon scene in London. My current move towards industrial development fills me with excitement, as do all new spheres. My enthusiasm for new work is often quoted by workmates and previous clients. This tends to translate in me getting some incredible offers to work for some very exciting projects. 

My greatest achievements are always what I am currently working on, whether it is realtime disruptive Auction Platforms (TheTin), or controlling industrial machinery and learning about PLC (ASM Systems) 

I have worked with many major brands, including  (but not limited by)  

BBC Worldwide, The European Union, Landover, Adidas, Maestro, Phillip Morris, Agent Provocateur, Toni and Guy, Canon, inBev, Unilever, Lowe Worldwide, Ogilvy, ParExel, PepsiCo, Royal Bank of Scotland, Virgin Atlantic, Shell GlobaI, IRIS, Royal Mail, Vuelio, Precise, Toni & Guy, Sage, LayBuy 


Throughout my career I have appreciated that technical decisions often are made by Project Owners outside of the development bullpen and as such have proven myself an excellent communicator in all aspects of delivery. 

I have always been a fan of the fluidity of the Javascript community and as Microsoft move towards the open source style with .Net Core and Azure Devops. I’m sure the opportunities to expand my reach within the open source world will grow exponentially 

Advancing my knowledge of other programming languages helps me understand different ways of approaching problems, using the Functionality of F#, or examining data sets using R and Python.   

My future will contain more coding opportunities and hard as well as soft technology.  This is what excites me about a career in IT development, the pace of change and the technology is always cutting edge are in tune with my internal drive to continue learning and participating in the drive for web expansion across all aspects of life.   

I hope to continue to be at the cutting edge of the connected net experience, as we are living in a very exciting period of growth for interconnected technologies. 


Outside of my professional hobbies, and my general tinkering with new tech, I am a keen performer and committee member at my local Theatre, where I also run a weekly community Theatre and Film Group. At the group we introduce people to the dramatic arts, Stage Craft and Short Film production. I run a fortnightly cinema screening group showing a wide range of genres, and international short films. I also manage their press and marketing efforts, increasing exposure and ticket sales to the Theatre considerably. 

Neil Highley