Pandas module not found when running dp-100 notebooks

18th February 2022 - AI, azureml, Uncategorised

A little annoying, but posted here as nobody else had posted..

If you’re revising for the DP-100 certification and your using the microsoft DP100 learning materials from github in your AzureML workspace, you’ll find a lot of it won’t work because of pandas not being found in modules.

User program failed with ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pandas’

To fix this, update the imports at the top and the CondaDependencies in the experiment scripts with the following;

!pip install --upgrade azureml-sdk azureml-widgets pandas

and in the experiment script

# Ensure the required packages are installed (we need scikit-learn and Azure ML defaults)packages = CondaDependencies.create(pip_packages=['scikit-learn','azureml-defaults','pandas'])

After this, your experiment should run.

The DP-100 jupyter notebooks can be found here;